Live Video Tips from 12 Live Stream Broadcasters

I asked some of my favorite live stream broadcasters one thing they think business owners should know about live video. I wanted to get a wide range of answers, so I reached out to people who are working with large corporate clients as well as pet business entrepreneurs. The thing is, live video is available for everyone, whether you’re a solopreneur or run a large corporation. So when you read their tips, I think you’ll see that we can all benefit from live video.

Tips for using live video

Here’s what they had to say:

Cathy Hackl

Cathy Hackl

Use live video to show your clients what makes your unique. Through live video you can sell your clients on the experience rather than the product. Show them what having their pet at your pet resort feels and looks like or show them how you make your gourmet dog biscuits I always say live video should be a no-brainer in a company’s marketing efforts because it’s easy to do, cost effective and currently gives you a lot of organic reach that you don’t have to pay for.

Cathy Hackl, Social Networking Expert

Dave Shrein

Dave Shrein

Live streaming helps you accelerate the know like and trust factor. As you begin to stream look at every show as an opportunity to tell a compelling story. Either tell the story of your customer and the people who you want to do business with or tell your story in a way that customers can relate to – you want them to see themselves in your story. You don’t want live streaming to be like a family video that is boring to everyone who isn’t in the family. You want it to be relatable and inspiring. Ask yourself before you stream, “is what I am about to say going to compel people to listen and respond?” And if the answer is no then make changes that will give you the attention of your customers during each stream.

Dave Shrein,


Doug & Ally Cohen

So if there is ONE thing every small biz owner needs to know about live video it’s how COOL and POWERFUL the opportunity is to connect with and build your community of clients, supporters and fans of your brand. That’s a general tip, but it’s important. This isn’t just another social media “thing” or marketing tool. You’ve got a free branded reality social television network in your hand – you should take advantage of it.

Doug & Ally Cohen, Frameable Faces

Hanna Breaux

Hannah Breaux

Your audience wants to get to know you, not just your business! So don’t be afraid to show your world in between business scopes.  They will appreciate the treat, and you may attract new viewers who would not have found you otherwise.

Hannah Breaux, Hannah Breaux. 360

Jamie Kasarda

Jamie Kasarda

If you are looking for a way to connect with other people in the pet care arena and people who love their pets, then live-streaming is the way to go! Get connected with a positive supportive group, like #PetLoversTribe, and as you get to know people through their periscope, also reach out to them outside of periscope through other ways such as another form of social media, an email or a phone call. Live-streaming has brought so much value to my life, not just for business but in also developing connections and meaningful friendships.

Jamie Kasarda, Holistic Pet Mentor 

Kerry Shearer

Kerry Shearer

Deliver free, high-value content in each broadcast – your best stuff, and don’t be salesy. This is how you build connection with followers, who will come to know, like and trust you if you deliver top notch content with passion, authenticity, and viewer interaction. Once you do that, viewers WILL remember you when it’s time to buy. Remember, your livestream on-camera delivery doesn’t need to be perfect or scripted. It just needs to be “real” and engaging. Do demos and have fun with it!

Kerry Shearer,


Lara Joseph

Everyone can have their own business. No one can be you! Live-streaming lets your customers or potential customers know you and develop that relationship that no one else can give them. Passion is personal. Live-streaming shows that.

Lara Joseph, The Animal Behavior Center


Lisa Illman

Use an anchor broadcast daily for 30 days or more. An anchor is a theme that will get your brand associated with something important to your services. A pet specific quote, a tip for dog walkers, perhaps play ideas for indoor cats. Everyday broadcast your anchor stream. This consistency will build credibility and community; my 3 favorite C’s.

Lisa Illman,

Melissa Aipia

Melissa Aipia

I would encourage any small business to think about live broadcasting as an excellent platform to educate and connect with their client. When you click that button it is not only about what you have to sell the audience (which is important information of course) but specifically you want to educate them about what you DO and WHY you do it.  Live broadcasts at their best are a glimpse into the lives of others in a way that no other medium has reached. This is critical to understand as a business. People love stories above all and the “story of you” is a powerful one. So use it wisely.

Melissa Aipia, TortRescueTV

Monique Rodriguez

My tip is to look straight into the camera as much as possible. This connects you with your viewers “eye to eye” and feels like a personal conversation.

Monique Rodriquez, Silver Paw Studio

Randy Lyman

Live video brings the world together but also brings out most people’s greatest fear in the world: public speaking. It’s easy to freeze up or lose your place. So when I’m live streaming (or in any live performance or event), I follow two simple rules: 1) Focus, but relax. 2) Relax, but focus. Relaxed attention is the key to mindfulness, to being present “in the moment,” which is what you need to be while live streaming.

Randy Lyman, The Pet Uncle

Ryan A. Bell

Ryan A. Bell

The most important thing about live video is knowing your audience well enough to talk to them. When you start going live on Facebook or Periscope you’re starting a relationship. Foster that relationship through connection.

Ryan A. Bell, Live Stream Influencer


Tricia Clements

It’s best to make a few bullet point notes for your Livestream and don’t forget your Call To Action! Your CTA is the most important part of your Livestream that many people forget (myself included!). You can even include a link in your broadcast title to refer people to.

Tricia Clements, MuttButs

What about you? What tip do you have to share about live video? I’d love to hear it.

*And yes, if you took the time to count, there are 13 tips; not 12! I added one after I’d already published the post. So consider it a bonus. 😉


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