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Social media is like a Mr. Bubble pool party

Remember those old black and white TV commercials? They aired long before the Internet, and mostly even before remotes. Well, I was wandering around YouTube today and found a few of my favorites, including this one enticing kids to have a Mr. Bubble pool party. The first time I saw the commercial I decided I simply had to have my very own pool party with my friends. Mom didn’t didn’t seem to mind though, and was happy to pour the magic flakes into my tiny pool for my friends and me. After all, what mother wouldn’t jump at the chance to have a clean kid without the bath-time whining?!… [Click to Continue Reading]


Even church can get social media


The church I go to now and then, Gateway Church, is pretty cool. It’s non-demoninational and way non-preachy, but that’s only part of what makes it so appealing. The pastors are real people, just like anybody else, and understand what it’s like to live in the real world with the Internet, Blackberries, iTunes, podcasts…you know…technology! But rather than ignoring the technology, or even worse, fighting against it, the folks at Gateway put it to good use! They seem to really get it when it comes to using media (social and otherwise) to reach out to people and get their message out.… [Click to Continue Reading]


It’s not always about the middle-aged white guy

It used to be that journalists and reporters in main stream media (news papers, radio, and television) were the main sources of news that affected so many of us. That’s not the case anymore.  Chris Brogan talks about how bloggers and others are also getting the news out these days.Yesterday he went to a Panasonic press conference and was tweeting about it as it happened.

There was lots of news from the event. I’m sure it was covered very well by people like Engadget. What I liked, however, was that we, the bloggers, had the scoop on the mainstream press by who knows how long, and further (and this is the super cool part to me), I really loved that I had conversation coming back to me almost immediately about what I was posting.

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How a tweet brought the cops a ‘knocking

I had a good friend in college who, when somebody managed to punk him (which was rare!) he’d get a very serious look on his face, point two fingers at his irritant and say, “you’re dead.” For a few seconds everybody went silent…waiting for what was next…then we usually burst out in laughter at the whole situation.

In the online world, it’s not always so easy to understand the intent behind someone’s words. There’s no facial expression, and sometimes no background info, to put the words into context. Here’s an example of a real life situation that happened on Twitter and involved some words that were taken a bit too literally.… [Click to Continue Reading]


Looking for a job? Twitter might help.

20090104jobI talked to a woman the other day who hadn’t signed up on any social media sites because she thought they were all about finding dates. Not so, I told her. There are plenty of dating sites out there but that’s not the only reason to use social networking websites. People use them to keep in touch with friends, meet people with common interests, for professional reasons, and even find a job. As we talked, she started to understand a little bit more about how she could use some of these tools in her personal and business life. She has her own business, but in this economy, it’s taken a hit.… [Click to Continue Reading]