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Promote your pet business with live video

live stream consulting for your pet business

You know live stream video is a big deal. But, are you struggling to figure out how to do live streaming, or how to add it to your marketing plan? Live Stream Jumpstart for Your Pet Business will help! Unlike other live stream programs, this one is designed specifically for people in the pet industry and will give you the confidence and skills to use Periscope, Facebook Live, and other live streaming apps as part of your marketing plan.

When you sign up for Live Stream Jumpstart for Your Pet Business, we will have two phone calls that will be tailored to you and your business. … [Click to Continue Reading]


5 great ways to promote your business with live video

how to promote your business with live video

Live stream video is big! Businesses of all sizes are using Periscope, Facebook Live, Busker, and another live streaming video apps as part of their marketing plan. They’re getting creative and growing their businesses as a result. There are countless ways to incorporate live video into your marketing plan and here are a few just to get you thinking.

Broadcast from Local Events

There are a number of ways you can take advantage of local events. If you have a booth or other setup of your own, broadcast periodically letting viewers know what’s going on. Talk about your company, show your booth or other setup and what the event is all about.… [Click to Continue Reading]


You can overcome the fear of broadcasting on live video

you can overcome (1)

Live video can be very daunting for many people. The idea of hitting that ‘broadcast’ button on Periscope is enough to send them into a panic or paralyze them with fear. I know a lot of people who desperately want to use live video to promote their businesses but they simply can’t get past that first broadcast! The thought that people might actually watch and listen, is terrifying. The thing is though, it’s quite possible to overcome that fear and even enjoy using apps like Periscope or Facebook Live!

Before I get to the real meat of this blog post I need to tell you a little about the #PetLoversTribe.… [Click to Continue Reading]


Tips for your first live stream broadcast


I don’t know how many people I’ve talked to, or watched on apps like Periscope and Facebook Live, who have said they were terrified of doing a live broadcast. Once that first broadcast is out of the way though, most people realize it’s not all that scary and decide to keep going. In time, it gets easier and they find live stream video to be a great (and even fun!) way to connect with people for business and personal reasons.

That’s certainly how it was with me. Even though I’ve done plenty of public speaking, and even some TV and radio work, the idea of doing live video made me really nervous.… [Click to Continue Reading]