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Facebook profile backup with SocialSafe

Do you have nightmares about your Facebook profile going away and losing your friends, photos, profile and wall status updates? You’re not alone!

If you were on Facebook at all this past weekend you may have experienced a certain level of panic as things got wonky (prompting some good subject matter for that nightmare.) They were having some server problems that seemed to take forever to get fixed. Strangeness was the norm. The wonkiness kept people from posting status updates, wouldn’t allow people to post on their friends’ profiles or to join fan pages, and even made some fan pages disappear for a while.… [Click to Continue Reading]


Facebook Fan Page vs. Personal Profile

Yes! There is a difference between a Facebook profile and a Facebook Fan Page.

Facebook profiles are for people.
Fan Pages are for businesses.

I cringe every time I see someone set up a profile in their business name. Here’s why:

People vs. business
Profiles are intended for people, not businesses. It’s actually against the Facebook terms to use a profile for a business. If the Facebook gods find your profile set up like this, it’s possible they may delete the entire profile. So much for all your hard work getting friends!

Your Facebook Fan Page can be a part of your Search Engine Optimization strategy.… [Click to Continue Reading]


Facebook teleclass, September 22

Facebook Teleclass

Next Tuesday, September 22 I’ll be doing another teleclass with Kristin Morrison of Six Figure Pet Sitting Academy. This class will be all about Facebook!

If you’re not tapping into the non-stop activity and reaching out to the vast numbers of potential clients on Facebook, you’re missing out on a valuable marketing resource for your business! In this teleclass you’ll learn how to use Facebook to market your business.

Here’s what I’ll be talking about:

  • Why Facebook is an important tool for your business
  • Why you may (or may not) want to grant access to your personal profile to business associates and/or clients
  • How and why to create a fan page for your business
  • Why privacy options on your personal profile are important to your business
  • The difference between a Facebook Group and a Facebook Page
  • Why you want to create a vanity URL for your personal profile and your business page
  • How to find friends and clients on Facebook
  • Using Facebook ads to promote your business
  • How to attract clients and potential customers to your business page
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Facebook Tips and Tools list to get you started after the class
Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Time: 5:00pm PST / 8:00pm EST

How long is this teleclass?

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Legacy vs. currency: our lives online

I’ve been attending South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) this week and  eating, sleeping, and breathing internet and social media.  Yea, I know…that’s nothing new. But the fact that I’ve been doing it (well…all but the sleeping part anyway) with thousands of other people is. SXSW brings people from all over the world together to learn and share about the some of the things that make us tick.

In his talk about video blogging (and way more tha that) on Sunday, Gary Vayrnerchuk made the point that we need to keep legacy vs. currency in mind when we’re putting  ourselves out there.… [Click to Continue Reading]