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Facebook page ownership can now be changed

One of the biggest complaints owners of Facebook Pages have had is that once a page is created, it was owned by that person forever. It caused quite a dilemma for a company that wanted to set up a fan page because it meant it might be owned by a person who would eventually leave the company. That’s changed.

Now, any administrator of a page can remove any other administrator. It means ownership can be transferred from one person to another – something many companies have wanted for quite some time. That in itself is a double edged sword, but there’s another bit of power that comes along with this change that even more troubling.… [Click to Continue Reading]


Facebook Instant Personalization

Facebook is at it again. This week they’ve announced some pretty major changes in the way your personal information is used. One of these changes is how your Facebook profile will be integrated with other websites – currently Microsoft Docs, Pandora, and Yelp. They call it “instant personalization” and you may or may not like it.

The way instant personalization works is that when you are logged in to Facebook and then go to Yelp, for example, you will see what your friends are up to on Yelp. And, of course if you have an account your friends will be able to see what you’ve been up to as well.… [Click to Continue Reading]


Customized Facebook Fan Pages – what and why

customized Facebook Fan PagesWhen someone comes to your Facebook Fan Page will they know immediately what your page is about?

Clicking onto a Facebook Fan Page can be like opening the door to a party that’s already started. You walk in and see groups of people chatting away about various subjects. At any one party, a small group of people may be talking about an upcoming charity event, others may be exchanging ideas on how to make a better spaghetti sauce, and still others may be talking about the weather.

If the person holding the party is a good host, he or she will greet you at the door, welcome you in, and maybe even show you around a bit.… [Click to Continue Reading]


Facebook profile backup with SocialSafe

Do you have nightmares about your Facebook profile going away and losing your friends, photos, profile and wall status updates? You’re not alone!

If you were on Facebook at all this past weekend you may have experienced a certain level of panic as things got wonky (prompting some good subject matter for that nightmare.) They were having some server problems that seemed to take forever to get fixed. Strangeness was the norm. The wonkiness kept people from posting status updates, wouldn’t allow people to post on their friends’ profiles or to join fan pages, and even made some fan pages disappear for a while.… [Click to Continue Reading]


Facebook Fan Page vs. Personal Profile

Yes! There is a difference between a Facebook profile and a Facebook Fan Page.

Facebook profiles are for people.
Fan Pages are for businesses.

I cringe every time I see someone set up a profile in their business name. Here’s why:

People vs. business
Profiles are intended for people, not businesses. It’s actually against the Facebook terms to use a profile for a business. If the Facebook gods find your profile set up like this, it’s possible they may delete the entire profile. So much for all your hard work getting friends!

Your Facebook Fan Page can be a part of your Search Engine Optimization strategy.… [Click to Continue Reading]