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Don’t Turn Your Back on Cyber Bullying

Too many kids have been in the news lately after they committed suicide, because of the bullying they went through due to their sexual orientation. Every time I see one of these stories it hurts deeply. Way too many kids are harassed by other kids and the reasons vary. It’s not just the gay kids. I know.

It’s important for people to know that many kids are bullied, for many different reasons. If a boy or girl has a characteristic that stands out – too shy, too skinny, too heavy, big ears, greasy hair, a lisp, disability, sexual orientation, or any number of traits – they are a prime target.… [Click to Continue Reading]


Saying thank you is a bit of a lost art

say thank youOne of my pet peeves is how often people forget to say thank you. I know we’ve all been there. Maybe you sent a quick email to answer a question, did a favor in the real world, held a door open for someone, or any number of things. After all is said and done, the person goes their merry way and we’re left wondering why there wasn’t any acknowledgment. It’s not that people should bow down and pay homage, but a simple little ‘thank you’ can go a long way. Honestly, it doesn’t take long to type or say the words but oftentimes it goes unsaid.… [Click to Continue Reading]


Social neworking needs to make sense for YOU

I taught a social media class with @SueRostvold last night and one of the issues that kept coming up was the idea of sharing too much through social networking websites. What we were hearing is that some people are afraid to do anything with social media because they don’t want to reveal too much of their personal life. They don’t want their everyday activities, personal choices, feelings, or secrets to be ‘out there’ for everybody and his brother to read.

I get the same comment from people quite often actually. For people just getting started with social networking, it can be a bit frightening.… [Click to Continue Reading]


Has social media killed 'undivided attention'?

In the past when someone gave a presentation, some of the things he or she had to compete with were people talking to each other, doodling on their notepads, reading books or magazines, or even some of the audience members taking a nap. Things like this can be extremely annoying for any presenter, but they can usually handle the annoyance and go on with the talk.

Things have changed!

These days speakers have to be on their game and ready for anything. They still have to contend with the usual annoyances mentioned above, but that’s not all. Our culture is so wired these days (and I don’t mean from coffee!) that many times people are Twittering, emailing, texting, Facebooking, or in some other way instantly documenting what the speaker is saying or how he’s saying it.… [Click to Continue Reading]


Legacy vs. currency: our lives online

I’ve been attending South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) this week and  eating, sleeping, and breathing internet and social media.  Yea, I know…that’s nothing new. But the fact that I’ve been doing it (well…all but the sleeping part anyway) with thousands of other people is. SXSW brings people from all over the world together to learn and share about the some of the things that make us tick.

In his talk about video blogging (and way more tha that) on Sunday, Gary Vayrnerchuk made the point that we need to keep legacy vs. currency in mind when we’re putting  ourselves out there.… [Click to Continue Reading]