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Even church can get social media


The church I go to now and then, Gateway Church, is pretty cool. It’s non-demoninational and way non-preachy, but that’s only part of what makes it so appealing. The pastors are real people, just like anybody else, and understand what it’s like to live in the real world with the Internet, Blackberries, iTunes, podcasts…you know…technology! But rather than ignoring the technology, or even worse, fighting against it, the folks at Gateway put it to good use! They seem to really get it when it comes to using media (social and otherwise) to reach out to people and get their message out.… [Click to Continue Reading]


It’s not always about the middle-aged white guy

It used to be that journalists and reporters in main stream media (news papers, radio, and television) were the main sources of news that affected so many of us. That’s not the case anymore.  Chris Brogan talks about how bloggers and others are also getting the news out these days.Yesterday he went to a Panasonic press conference and was tweeting about it as it happened.

There was lots of news from the event. I’m sure it was covered very well by people like Engadget. What I liked, however, was that we, the bloggers, had the scoop on the mainstream press by who knows how long, and further (and this is the super cool part to me), I really loved that I had conversation coming back to me almost immediately about what I was posting.

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Social networking & social media: Mayberry and beyond!

andy-and-floydI tend to use analogies when trying to get a point across. One of my clients laughs about it, but in the end, he says they work and help him understand things that have baffled  him in the past. So, when I thought about what my first post should be about I decided to share one of my analogies to help people understand social networking and social media. Hopefully it’ll help you as well.

If you’ve ever watched The Andy Griffith Show, you’ve seen social networking and social media in action. Think about Floyd’s Barbershop. Floyd’s in there talking away as he cuts Andy’s hair.… [Click to Continue Reading]