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How to Convert a Facebook Profile to a Business Page

Yes, you read right! Facebook has finally set up a way for people to convert their personal profiles to business pages.

First, why convert a profile to a page?

Because it’s against the Facebook terms. If you have your business on a personal profile, you run the risk of having it deleted. (and yes, I do know of people who have had this happen) Profiles are for people and pages are for businesses. For more info, see my earlier blog post, Facebook Fan Pages vs. Personal Profile.

Things you need to know before converting your personal profile to a page:

  • All your confirmed friends will be converted to people who like your new Page.
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Facebook Introduces Spam Filter for Pages

Here’s another new feature from Facebook that’s been needed for a long time – a spam filter for Facebook pages. If you’re a page admin, you probably get tired of all the get rich quick posts and other garbage that people post on your page. Now, Facebook will be weeding some of those out and putting them in a holding area for you to OK – or not.

Posts that appear to be spam will be placed in the filter, and will not show up on the wall. A spam notification, that only admins can see, will pop up at the top of the page.… [Click to Continue Reading]


Name Change Possible for Some Facebook Pages

Some Facebook page admins can now change the name of their page. So far it looks like only pages with fewer than 100 fans have this option, and from what I’ve read, that’s probably how it’s going to stay. According to Inside Facebook, the most likely reason this feature is only available for pages with fewer fans is because Facebook doesn’t want people setting up generic pages and then changing the topic of the page later.

If your page has the option to change the name, you’ll see it in your admin area.  It’s important to note this does not affect your custom URL.… [Click to Continue Reading]


Facebook page ownership can now be changed

One of the biggest complaints owners of Facebook Pages have had is that once a page is created, it was owned by that person forever. It caused quite a dilemma for a company that wanted to set up a fan page because it meant it might be owned by a person who would eventually leave the company. That’s changed.

Now, any administrator of a page can remove any other administrator. It means ownership can be transferred from one person to another – something many companies have wanted for quite some time. That in itself is a double edged sword, but there’s another bit of power that comes along with this change that even more troubling.… [Click to Continue Reading]